John Stevenson – Live again

John Stevenson - Live again

Uitgegeven door: Red Moon Press
Uitgegeven in: 2009
ISBN: 978-1-893959-83-5
Aantal pagina’s: 64
Taal: Engels

Tekst achterzijde boek:

Live again displays Stevenson’s uncanny ability to create poetry out of virtually nothing. Some of us wring haiku from mountain hikes or Zen meditation; John finds them, superb ones too, while washing dishes, recalling a sigh or a hesitation, and glancing at shopping carts or his doctor’s glasses.

These poems, crafted with a razor-keen awareness of what words are essential, deepen a reader’s sense of mysteries of everyday life. From the reverberations set in motion by its ambiguous title to the audacious yet brilliant one-word poem – both pun and homage – at its center to the unforgettable senryu that closes it, Live again confirms Stevenson’s position as one of the foremost contemporary haikai poets in English.”

Allan Burns


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